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CRiSM seminars 2006 Jan-May

January 12th
Charles Taylor (University of Leeds)
Boosting Kernel Density Estimation: Theory and Application

January 19th
Nial Friel (University of Glasgow)
Marginal likelihoods via power posteriors

February 9th
Joint CRiSM and CSC seminar
Christian Robert ( Ceremade - Université Paris-Dauphine)
Minimum variance importance sampling via Population Monte Carlo

February 16th
Bill Browne (University of Nottingham)
Classification of mass spectroscopy data using principal components analysis, Bayesian MCMC modelling and a deterministic peak finding algorithm

February 20th
Joint CRiSM and Econometrics
Nicolas Chopin (University of Bristol) - Talk at 2.00pm in Rm B3.03, Tea & Coffee at 3.00pm
Inference and model choice for time-ordered hidden Markov models

March 2nd
Rui Paulo (University of Bristol)
Mixtures of g-priors for Bayesian Variable Selection

March 9th
Haralambos Evangelaras (N.T.U.A - Athens)
Screening with Orthogonal Arrays

May 4th
Nick Heard (Imperial College London)
Incorporating different data sources in gene expression clustering.