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CRiSM seminars 2005-2007


September 19th (at 2pm)
Cristiano Varin (University of Padua)
Composite marginal likelihood inference

October 20th
Steffen Lauritzen (University of Oxford)
Coloured Graphical Gaussian Models

October 27th
Gareth Roberts (University of Lancaster)
Exact and computationally efficient likelihood--based estimation for discretely observed diffusion processes

November 3rd (at 3.30pm)
CRiSM presents Statistical MTV


November 9th (at 4pm in S0.13, Social Sciences Building)
Alex McNeil (ETH Zurich)
Joint CRiSM and Warwick Business School Seminar
Self-exciting models for extremes in financial time series

November 14th (at 4pm in MS.05, Mathematics and Statistics Building)
Nigel Stallard (Warwick Medical School)

Statistical methods for clinical trials with treatment selection

November 17th
Joint CRiSM and Centre for Scientific Computing Seminar
Darren Wilkinson (University of Newcastle)
Bayesian inference for nonlinear multivariate diffusion processes, with application to biochemical network dynamics

November 24th
Eddie McKenzie (University of Strathclyde)

November 28th (at 5.00pm in S0.20, Social Sciences)
Joint CRiSM and Econometrics Seminar
David F. Hendry (Nuffield College, University of Oxford)
Resolving Five 'Intractable' Problems by Automatic Model Selection

December 1st
Vern Farewell (MRC Biostatistics Unit, Cambridge)
The emergence of medical statistics: A little bit of history


January 12th
Charles Taylor (University of Leeds)
Boosting Kernel Density Estimation: Theory and Application

January 19th
Nial Friel (University of Glasgow)
Marginal likelihoods via power posteriors

February 9th
Joint CRiSM and CSC seminar
Christian Robert ( Ceremade - Université Paris-Dauphine)
Minimum variance importance sampling via Population Monte Carlo

February 16th
Bill Browne (University of Nottingham)
Classification of mass spectroscopy data using principal components analysis, Bayesian MCMC modelling and a deterministic peak finding algorithm

February 20th
Joint CRiSM and Econometrics
Nicolas Chopin (University of Bristol) - Talk at 2.00pm in Rm B3.03, Tea & Coffee at 3.00pm
Inference and model choice for time-ordered hidden Markov models

March 2nd
Rui Paulo (University of Bristol)
Mixtures of g-priors for Bayesian Variable Selection

March 9th
Haralambos Evangelaras (N.T.U.A - Athens)
Screening with Orthogonal Arrays

May 4th
Nick Heard (Imperial College London)
Incorporating different data sources in gene expression clustering.

September 28th
Michel Mouchart (Institut de Statistique, Belgium)

Ignorable Missingness

October 12th
Guido Consonni (University of Pavia, Italy)
Prior specification across models with an application to Bayesian variable selection in linear models

October 19th
Luca La Rocca (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy)
Bayesian analysis of matched categorical data

November 9th
Milan Studeny (Institute of Theory and Automation, Czech Republic)
A glance at graphical modelling in statistics and artificial intelligence

November 16th
Alfred Kume (University of Kent)

Maximum-likelihood estimation for the offset normal shape distributions using EM

Joint CRiSM and CSC seminar
November 23rd
Francois Le Gland (IRISA/INRIA)
Adapting the number of particles in sequential Monte Carlo methods

November 30th
Allan Seheult (University of Durham)
Prior viability assessment for Bayesian analysis

December 14th
Ben Cowling (University of Hong Kong)
Estimating the incubation distribution of an infectious disease


February 1st
Ian White (MRC, Cambridge)

Causal inference from randomised clinical trials: when is it needed and why isn’t it done?

February 15th
Raazesh Sainudin (University of Oxford)

An Auto-validating Rejection Sampler 

February 22nd
Helene Massam (York University, Toronto)

Wishart distributions for decomposable graph

February 26th - Joint Stats/Econometrics Seminar, venue: S0.20 (social studies ground floor), time: 17.00-18.30
Jean-Pierre Florens
(University of Toulouse and IUF)

Two related papes will be presented, Non Parametric Instrumental Regression (with S. Darolles and E. Renault) and The Practice of Non Parametric Instrumental Variables Estimation ( with R. Lestringant)

March 9th - Please note this seminar will start at 3pm
Dan Gamerman

Bayesian Analysis of the Item Response Theory: A Generalized Approach

March 15th
Xiang Yang

Multiagent Probabilistic Reasoning with Multiply Sectioned Bayesian Networks

April 12th
Antonio Lijoi

Distributions of functionals of the two parameter Poisson–Dirichlet process

April 19th
Igor Pruenster

Bayesian nonparametric methods for prediction in EST analysis

May 3rd
Rob Henderson 

Dynamic Covariates and Frailty for Recurrent Event Data

May 10th
Jesper Moeller

MCMC algorithms for distributions with intractable normalizing constants, with a view to perfect simulation and non-parametric Bayesian inference for inhomogeneous Markov point processes

May 17th
Sofia Olhede

Hyperanalytic Denoising

May 24th
Monteserrat Fuentes (North Carolina State University)

June 7th
Malay Ghosh (University of Florida)

Stein estimation and prediction: a synthesis

June 28th
Elena Stanghellini (University of Perugia)