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Ideas Fair - 8 April, 2011

  • Share your research
  • Get help to improve your statistical methods
  • Develop modern statistics for modern problems

The Department of Statistics presents an Ideas Fair: a one-day event for swapping ideas in statistics! If your work uses statistics, or you are developing statistical methods to solve new problems, then this event is for you. Come along, bring a poster describing your work, have lunch, and chat with other Warwick researchers who work with statistics. There will be an opportunity to network with other members of the University, get new ideas, and form new collaborations.

The poster session will run throughout the day, with provided lunch and plenary talks. Feel free to dip in and out of the day as you would like!

Important Information

  • Registration opens: 7 February 2011
  • Registration deadline: 25th March 2011
  • Registration deadline extended: 5 April 2011, 11:00 AM
  • Workshop: 8th April 2011

 You can register your poster here. To facilitate effective communication between the presenters and other participants, we suggest that all poster presenters attach a passport-style photograph of themselves, as well as providing several A4 copies of their poster for others to take away.

NB. Don't feel you have to provide a new poster for this event: old posters with work you want to talk about are just as useful!

Prizes will be awarded for the best 3 posters!


What is Statistics?

Tony O'Hagan, CRiSM, Department of Statistics

"The discipline of Statistics is very broad and impinges on almost every aspect of life. If you think (like most of the general public) that Statistics is about collecting and tabulating data, or if you think (like many scientists and social scientists) that it's about carrying out formal tests of significance on your data, then be prepared to learn how Statistics can do far more than you realised. However much you know about Statistics, come along to this talk - you may very well learn something to your advantage!"

The Importance of Statistics to Experiential Engineering

Prof. Paul Jennings, Experiential Engineering, Warwick Manufacturing Group

"For future products to be most successful, they need to be optimised to suit the subjective and emotional responses of their users. However capturing, understanding and converting people’s thoughts into a form that is useful for designers and manufacturers is a significant research challenge. It is also a challenge in which statistics plays a key role.

WMG's Experiential Engineering team is taking on this challenge: they are a group of researchers who cross traditional academic boundaries, with expertise in engineering, design, physics, health and psychology.

This talk will introduce the work of the team, using their work on “vehicle sound” to illustrate some principles. However it will also explain how benefits arise in areas as diverse as the reduction of carbon emissions from vehicles and the design of better healthcare environments for patients and clinicians."


The workshop will be hosted in the Zeeman Building, University of Warwick. This modern building houses both the Department of Statistics and the Warwick Mathematics Institute.

Local organising committee

Chris Jewell; Wei Yang; Gabriela Czanner

Supported by:

Roberts' Funding

Department of Statistics

Contact: gabriela.czanner at


10:00 Open + Posters up!

Plenary I, Paul Jennings

12:30 Lunch



Short talk, Stat Consultancy, John Fenlon

Plenary II, Tony O'Hagan

16:00 Close + Posters down!