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Course and Student Experience Feedback

Handbook Contents

1 General Information
2 Course Regulations and Progression
3 Module Selection and Course Transfers
4 Teaching, Learning and Study
5 Examinations and Assessment
6 Pastoral Care and Support
7 Student Voice
8 Careers and Personal Development
9 University Information

7.3 Course and Student Experience Feedback

The Department is constantly looking for ways to improve the experience we provide to our students. We can only do this if you give us your feedback and work with us to resolve any issues.

You can provide feedback via a number of ways;

  • Feedback Lunches - we hold a regular series of Feedback Lunches where students and staff meet to informally discuss the courses and student experience.
  • SSLC - you can contact your course reps and ask them to raise issues or propose an idea at the next SSLC meeting.
  • Personal Tutor Meetings - during personal tutor meetings you may want to give feedback on aspects of your course.
  • Statistics Department Surveys - you may be invited to take part in a survey on a particular topic. This is usually where we have identified an area that we could improve but need more information or a larger sample size to make the right decisions.
  • Warwick Student Experience Survey - The University of Warwick usually runs a Student Experience Survey during the autumn term.
  • National Student Survey - Third / fourth year students are invited to take part in the National Student Survey in February of their final year.
  • Informal conversation - one of the most useful forms of feedback is often a chance conversation. You should feel able to chat to staff about your experiences.