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Year 4 MMathStat Outcomes

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Year 3 MMathStat
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1 General Information
2 Course Regulations and Progression
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4 Teaching, Learning and Study
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2.10 Year 4 MMathStat Outcomes

Your mark for the fourth year contributes 40% to your overall mark for the integrated Masters in Mathematics & Statistics programme.

The possible outcomes of the fourth year are as follows:

  1. Graduate with honours degree at Masters level.
  2. Graduate with honours degree at BSc level.
  3. Graduate with pass degree at BSc level.
  4. Required to take further attempts for a BSc award.

For an Integrated Master’s degree, a candidate must pass (at the 40% module pass mark) in the final three years contributing to the degree classification, whole modules equating to at least 258 CATS in total, including at least 90 credits taken in the final year. In addition, the project / dissertation module must be passed (at the 40% module pass mark).

In awarding the classification the Board of Examiners expects to see marks in that class or higher in at least 48 CATS in Year 4, from whole core and listed modules (i.e. modules listed as Core Modules in Year 4 or contained in List (A)). Modules selected from the Optional Module list do not count as listed modules.

Candidates who do not meet the requirements for an Integrated Masters degree will be considered for a BSc qualification.

Further information about degree classification rules can be found at

If you do not qualify for a BSc honours degree or a pass degree you will be required to take further attempts. More information about further attempts can be found in section 5.6. You may instead choose to be considered for an exit qualification.