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Statistics Module Information

This page provides the home pages for all modules run by the Department of Statistics (i.e., modules whose code begins with 'ST').

Our MathStat, MORSE, and Data Science degree courses also include a wide range of modules from other departments. Please refer to the Course Handbooks for the full list of modules available on your degree course.

Name Description
Module Choice Guidance
ST1 Modules first year modules
ST2 Modules second year modules
ST3 Modules third year modules
ST4 Modules M-level (fourth year and MSc) modules
ST9 Modules M-level (MSc) modules

The SSLC (Student-Staff Liaison Committee) conduct student feedback for all modules run by the Department of Statistics, with initial feedback being collected half-way through the module and final feedback being collected towards the end . This is then reviewed by the lecturer, who provides a response to any issues raised. Feedback and responses for the current academic year can be found on the module pages.

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