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ST104 Statistical Laboratory 1

Lecturer(s): Dr Panayiota Constantinou

Prerequisite(s): Either ST115 Introduction to Probability or ST111/2 Probability (taken concurrently).

Leads to: ST221 Linear Statistical Modelling

Commitment: This module runs in Term 2 and 3 and is weighted at 12 CATS.
Term 2: 3 lectures each in weeks 6-10 and 1 lab each in weeks 7-10,
Term 3: 3 lectures each in weeks 1-2, 4 lectures each in weeks 3-4 and 1 lab each in weeks 1-4.


  1. Introduction to R
  2. Exploratory data analysis: methods of visualisation and summary statistics
  3. Sampling from standard discrete and continuous distributions (Bernoulli, Geometric, Poisson, Gaussian, Gamma)
  4. Generic methods for sampling from univariate distributions
  5. The use of R to illustrate probabilistic notions such as conditioning, convolutions and the law of large numbers
  6. Examples of modelling real data (but without formal statistical inference) and the use of visualisations to assess fit

Aims: To introduce students to the R software package, making use of it for exploratory data analysis and simple simulations. This should deepen and reinforce the understanding of probabilistic notions being learnt in ST115 and ST111/2.


  • A familiarity with the R software package, making use of it for exploratory data analysis.
  • An understanding of elementary simulation techniques applied to probability.
  • The ability to propose appropriate probabilistic models for simple data sets.

Assessment: 30% assessed work and 70% open-book examination.


Term 2: Thursday of Week 10: Lab report 1 (15%)

Term 3: Thursday of Week 3: Lab report 2 (15%)

Examination period: Summer

Feedback: Feedback to students will be given within 20 working days after the submission deadline.