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ST332 Additional Information

Module Leader - Dr Simon Spencer

Modules ST332/409 (Medical Statistics/with advanced topics) have been restructured, to avoid overlap with ST346. A big part of ST332 / ST409 will be delivered in the form of supervised projects (to count towards 50% of the mark).
If you wish to take ST332/ST409 this year, we strongly recommend that you also take ST346 in term 1.

Full information about this module will be updated in the catalogue (see left) in early September.

(The course regulations listed in the course handbook take precedence over the availability of modules listed in the module catalogue).

The module structure and commitment for this module in 21/22 is expected to involve;

  • Asynchronous video recordings (watch any time) covering content equivalent to the lectures they replace.
  • Workshops in weeks 2,4,6,8 and 10 of term 2.
  • 2 dedicated "office" hours per week during delivery of module (weeks 1-10 of term 2).
  • The workshops are expected to be available as face-to-face sessions*, or online.

*Delivery of face-to-face sessions are subject to government guidance and local conditions at the time of the delivery. It may be required to deliver some or all of the planned face-to-face sessions as online sessions instead for reasons including national or local restrictions on gathering in person or required self-isolation of the teaching staff.