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ST339 Introduction to Mathematical Finance

Lecturer(s): Dr Martin Herdegen


  • Students must have done either ST218 Mathematical Statistics A or ST220 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics.
  • It is strongly recommended to take either MA359 Measure theory or ST342 Mathematics of Random Events alongside this module.


  • Statistics students may take at most one of the following:
    • ST339 Introduction to Mathematical Finance
    • EC333 Topics in Financial Economics: Theories and International Finance
    • IB253 Principles of Finance 1
  • Moreover, Statistics students who have taken ST339 Introduction to Mathematical Finance may not take IB254 Principles of Finance 2.


  • 3 hours of lectures per week. 5 example classes per term. This module runs in Term 1.


  • To provide an introduction to Mathematical Finance in discrete time and cover the discrete part of the CT8 actuarial syllabus.
  • The Actuarial profession has agreed to grant an exemption to their professional examination CT8 to students who perform sufficiently well in the examinations for both ST339 and ST401.
  • This module serves as a prerequisite for ST401, and for the following WBS finance modules:
    • IB357 Investment Management
    • IB359 Derivatives and Risk Management
    • IB394 International Financial Management.
  • It is also a prerequisite (acting as an alternative to EC333) for the module EC334 Topics in Financial Economics: Corporate Finance and Markets.


  • Arbitrage theory
  • Mean-variance portfolio selection and the Capital Asset Pricing Model
  • Utility theory and Risk measures
  • Pricing and Hedging in discrete time, Binomial Model

Assessment: 100% by 2-hour exam in Summer.

Examination Period: Summer

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