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ST4 Modules

  Name Description Last Updated
ST401 Stochastic Methods in Finance 23/09/19
ST402 Risk Theory 03/09/19
ST403 Brownian Motion 14/10/19
ST404 Applied Statistical Modelling 03/09/19
ST405 Bayesian Forecasting and Intervention with Advanced Topics 18/09/19
ST406 Applied Stochastic Processes with Advanced Topics 03/09/19
ST407 Monte Carlo Methods 18/09/19
ST409 Medical Statistic with Advanced Topics 18/09/19
ST410 Designed Experiments with Advanced Topics 18/09/19
ST411 Dynamic Stochastic Control 18/09/19
ST412 Multivariate Statistics with Advanced Topics 03/09/19
ST413 Bayesian Statistics and Decision Theory with Advanced Topics 15/08/19
ST415 Statistics Masters Dissertation 07/10/19
ST418 Statistical Genetics with Advanced Topics 26/09/19
ST419 Advanced Topics in Data Science 19/09/19
ST420 Statistical Learning and Big Data 18/09/19

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