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ST958 Advanced Topics in Mathematical Finance

Lecturers: Professor David Hobson, Dr Martin Herdegen, Dr Yan Qu


  • Students must have done either ST908 Probability or ST401 Stochastic Methods in Finance.


  • Students who are not enrolled in the MSc in Financial Mathematics may take at most two of the following modules:
    • ST906 Financial Time Series.
    • ST909 Continuous Time Finance for Interest Rate Models.
    • ST958 Advanced Topics in Mathematical Finance


  • 3 hours of lectures per week. This module runs in Term 2. Lectures start in Week 2


  • To provide an introduction to three advanced topics in Mathematical Finance.
  • Compute and explain key variables in the relevant models.
  • Apply appropriate mathematical techniques.
  • Analyse and compare different modelling approaches.

This year's topics:

  • Introduction to risk measures
  • Contagion risk and systemic risk
  • Beyond the Black-Scholes model

Topics are motivated by current questions relevant to the financial industry. Topics may change each year. Each topic is taught by a different lecturer.


  • Three in-class tests: each worth 5% of final module mark.
  • Final 2h exam (April): worth 85% of final module mark.

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Examination Period: April