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53rd Gregynog Statistical Conference - 21st-23rd April 2017

The "53rd Gregynog Statistical Conference" will take place from Friday, 21st - Sunday, 23rd April 2017 at Gregynog Hall, in the fantastic Welsh countryside. The conference will comprise short courses, a number of research talks and a poster session aimed at a general mathematical audience. There will be lots of opportunity (particularly for research students) to get to know one another, explore the numerous walks (or hikes!) around the hall, take an excursion to Powis Castle and Garden and even attend the final of the Gregynog Young Musicians Competition.

The "Gregynog Statistical Conference" has been running annually since 1965 and has a fascinating history... (which can be found here!)



Workshop Information

Some important notes

  • Registrants should have received an invitation from one of the organisers - if you haven't please contact them first to check eligibility.
    • Warwick Statistics members / Warwick OxWaSP: "Yes", please go ahead and register.
    • Warwick MASDOC: Provided you are co-supervised by a member of the Statistics department, and get approval from the MASDOC director, which in the past has been "Yes".
    • Oxford OxWaSP: Please get approval from the Oxford co-director, which in the past has been "Yes".
  • You must register if you want to go - we have limited places (and there are limited seats on the Warwick minibus).
  • If you are registered to go you are expected to go! If you don't attend or cancel at least one month in advance you will be liable for the associated costs.
  • Posters - We will be having a poster session this year on the Friday , PhD students are particularly encouraged to present (and in the event of over-subscription this may be used as a selection criterion!)
  • Gregynog and Powis Castle are excellent places for walks (and hikes!) etc. - so you would be well advised to consider bringing appropriate clothing and shoes
  • If you are not a speaker and are bringing a (non-participating) partner: Warwick University finance rules dictate that you both pay seperately from the main group (which will also incur additional VAT). Both must register and you agree in advance to this arrangement and you notify the organisers - we will organise accommodation, but for all intents and purposes you are attending seperately from the main group.
  • Cycling: Some people will be cycling from Campus to Gregynog and back... If you are interested in joining please email Murray.

Organisation Committee