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School Poster Competition Details

This competition invites schools to design a poster on 'What has Statistics ever done for ...?' to illustrate how statisitcs has influenced science or society and helped solve problems. We hope to engage with a broad range of topics and the competition is not confined to school students in Mathematics and Statistics.

Poster Topics

Poster Submission

Judging Criteria

Presentation to the Winners

The choice of problem/topic for the poster is completely open.

However, to offer some guidance, the issues covered could range from meterology or climate change to social policy and demographics.

The focus can be broad or narrow, with students choosing to address a specific problem (e.g. fighting cancer, building safer buildings) or broader areas (e.g. medicine, risk and safety). You may even wish to look at the impact of Statistics in society at large.

Here are a few interesting websites for inspiration:

There are two entry categories:
  • Years 10 & 11
  • A Level/Sixth Form

Teams should consist of 4 to 6 individuals.

The poster should be of a suitable resolution to display A1 sized.

Schools are NOT expected to provide a printed poster, but attach a PDF or JPEG file when completing our online competition submission form.

The deadline for online submission is 5pm, Tuesday 12th November 2013.
For schools interested in the competition:
A copy of the letter (Word Document) sent out to schools in the region (sent 1 October).

The posters will be judged against three criteria:

  • Relevance, including accuracy of information
  • Attractiveness, including the quality and suitability of design
  • Impact of the information and argument

Awards will be given to the three teams that design the best posters in each category.

Following judging, three finalists will be chosen in each category. The finalists will be formally invited to attend the evening session of the event on 27th November, but we extend a warm welcome to everyone.

The University will print the finalists' posters for public display at the event. The winners will be announced during the evening reception. Winners will receive £100 vouchers, with £50 vouchers for the finalists.

The whole event is free, including refreshments. To book places for the session on offer, please complete our online booking form.