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Event Programme


What has Statistics ever done for you ...?

November 27th, 2013

Zeeman Building,

Room MS.01 and 'the Street'

University of Warwick

Statistics Day 
3.00pm Tea & Coffee

Afternoon Session 

Statistics in Academic Research
Chair: Professor Simon French (Director of RISCU)


Statistics: A Framework For Research
(Professor Simon French)

  Three talks on collaborative research projects given by statisticians at Warwick and their collaborators. These reflect the range of inter-disciplinary research at the university and the value that can be gained from the full integration of a statistician into a multidisciplinary project team.
Big Data Squared: Neuroimaging Genetics
Dr Tom Nichols (Statistics) and Nicola Filippini (Dept of Psychiatry, University of Oxford)

Randomised Controlled Clinical Trial for Adrenaline
Professor Nigel Stallard (Warwick Medical School)

4.30pm Statistics and Speech
Professor John Aston (Statistics) and Professor John Coleman (Director of Phonetics Laboratory, University of Oxford)

Brains Trust and discussion on the challenges in setting up collaborative research projects and the means to overcome these.
Panel: Mr Andrew Mead (chair) Life Sciences
Professor David Firth, Statistics
Professor Alison Rodger, Chemistry and Director of MOAC
Professor Jim Smith (Statistics)
Dr Adam Samborn (Psychology)

Evening Session


Statistics in Science and Society

Reception and Posters in the 'Street' (Foyer of the Zeeman Building)


Welcome by Professor Tim Jones, Pro Vice Chancellor for Knowledge Transfer & Business Engagement, University of Warwick.
Presentation of Prizes for Schools' Competition

Public Lecture:
Chair: Professor David Firth

Statistics, why should they matter?
Professor Marian Scott (University of Glasgow)
In this lecture, Professor Scott will explore the role that Statistics and statisticians have played and can play in exploring some challenges in the environmental sciences and environmental policy. The examples will be drawn from archaeology and past
environments, bathing water, air quality and health, and water.

8.00pm Close


Supported by EPSRC Impact Acceleration funding.