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About SemStat 2005

SemStat Steering Group

  • Chair of steering group: Alex Lindner (Munich),

  • Ole Barndorff-Nielsen (Aarhus),

  • Bärbel Finkenstädt (Warwick),

  • Leonhard Held (Munich),

  • Enno Mammen (Mannheim),

  • Gesine Reinert (Oxford),

  • Michael Sørensen (Copenhagen),

  • Ingrid Van Keilegom (Louvain-la-Neuve),

  • Aad van der Vaart (Amsterdam).

Local Organising commit tee

History of SemStat

The SemStat were initiated by Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen, Wilfried Kendall and Gerard Létac in 1989, as a meeting at which high-level expository talks would be presented on new developments in statistics, with the objective of promoting a 'European School of Statistics'. They wanted to emulate for statistical science the success of the Strasbourg Probability Seminar and the Saint-Flour Summer school (which both have had a big and continuing impact on probability from the 60's till today). As a result of each SemStat there is a conference volume of expository articles based on the main talks (but not including contributed talks) published by Chapman and Hall. Since August 1996 SemStat takes place under the auspices of the European Regional Committee of the Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and probability. Since 2004 SemStat is running as a summer school of the European Mathematical Society (EMS summer school).

Former Conferences

  • Statistical Aspects of Neural Networks and Chaos. Sandbjerg, Denmark, April 1992.
  • Likelihood Analysis in Time Series and Stochastic Processes with Applications to Econometrics and Finance.
    Oxford, United Kingdom, December 1994.
  • Stochastic Geometry with Applications. Toulouse, France, 1996.
  • Complex Stochastic Systems. Eindhoven, Netherlands, 1999.
  • Extreme Value Theory and Applications. Gothenburg, Sweden, December 2001.
  • Statistics of Spatio-temporal Systems. Munich, Germany, December 2004.


SemStat Books

All volumes were published by Chapman & Hall / CRC.