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50th Anniversary Conference

September 7 - 9, 2022

Logo for the Warwick Statistics 50th anniversary

Alumni day
September 17, 2022

Celebrating 50 years of Statistical research

Has any university department ever opened its account with such a statistically significant event as that which launched the Warwick Statistics Department? On Tuesday 9th October 1972, in the first serious lecture given to a group of 45 second-year mathematicians, entitled Possibilities & Probabilities, the founding professor tossed a 2p coin high in the air. The coin descended to the vinyl floor of lecture theatre L5, spun as a perfect sphere, and, in full view, slowly came to rest on its edge! Stunned silence turned into massive applause. No further publicity was necessary – truly the Statistics Department had arrived in style!
Professor Jeff Harrison
Atrium Statistics Building

The conference will cover a number of topics within Statistics and Probability, with both plenary and parallel sessions reflecting the diversity of the research that has been conducted at Warwick over the last 50 years.

Registration for the conference will be open until August 7 July 31, with a number of options regarding accommodation. You can contact us if you have questions regarding registration.

Confirmed external attendees of the conference include:

Conference organising committee:

Professor writing on the board

The costs for the conference are as follows:

  • Registration: £30
  • Optional conference dinner: £45
  • Single/double bedrooms available at £60/£123 per night

Confirmed internal attendees of the conference include:



  • Matthew Oluwasegun Adeoye
  • Sanket Agrawal
  • Aria Ahari
  • Francesca Basini
  • Cameron Bell
  • Hannah Bensoussane
  • Ian Hamilton
  • Conor Hughes
  • Woojung Kim
  • Chatchuea Kimchaiwong
  • Anna Kuchko
  • Hector McKimm
  • Thomas Morrish
  • Mengchu Li
  • Haoran Ni
  • Kristian Romano
  • Shreya Sinha Roy
  • Dominic Zhou