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Statistics Afternoon with Warwick Centre of Analytical Science (W-CAS)

November 30, 2012 in the MOAC Seminar Room at Coventry House, 3rd floor

12:45 - MOAC/W-CAS Seminar Lunch

1:15 - MOAC/W-CAS Seminar - Tom Nichols: "Modelling Genetic Variation in the Brain"

2:00 - Poster displays go up and informal chat

2:45 - Statistics Short Talks I (chair: John Aston)

2:45 Jane Hutton
3:00 Julia Brettschneider: "Quality Assessment for short oligonucleotide microarrays"
3:15 Sigurd Assing: "The predator pray models - Lotka-Volterra equation and its stochastic extensions"

3:30 - Poster Session and Refreshments

4:15 - Statistics Short Talks II (chair: Adam Johansen)

4:15 Gabriela Czanner: "About RISCU"
4:30 Dalia Chakrabarty: "Learning of Model Parameters using Matrix Variate Gaussian Process"
4:45 Wilfrid Kendall: "Quad-trees, efficient networks, inferred fibres"

5:00 - close