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If you require an invoice

You will always get an invoice / payment confirmation after paying. This should normally be sufficient to be reimbursed by your institution. If you require an invoice before paying, there are two options.

  1. We can send you an invoice via e-mail including name of the conference, dates, location and payment amount. For this, please send us an e-mail (safjr2014 at survival-analysis dot org) and include your full name, institution, address, country and additional nights required. You can the seek permission from your institution with this. With this option, you are not required to pay after receiving the invoice.
  2. The Accounts Department will usually refuse to do this option unless there are special circumstances. Please consider using credit card payment instead. If you are absolutely unable to pay by credit card, we can create an official invoice and send it to you as a PDF. For this, please complete the registration form first, then send us an e-mail (safjr2014 at survival-analysis dot org) requesting an official invoice. If your institution is already in the system (e.g. if it's a UK university), we can ask the accounts department to invoice your institution. If it is not in the system, we will require additional information from you, such as the company registration number and VAT number for your institution. This invoice forms a legally binding contract, you have to pay afterwards. Please only use this option if you have permission from your institution.

3rd - 4th April 2014

Warwick University
Coventry, UK

safjr2014 at survival-analysis dot org
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