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Alumni Testimonials

We catch up with our alumni to hear what they have to say about how the MSc in Financial Mathematics has had a real impact on their careers.

"I decided to enrol in the MSc Financial Mathematics, after conducting research on the top postgraduate degrees, to achieve my goal of becoming a quantitative analyst for a top financial institution. Throughout this research process the MSc was consistently described as rigorous, comprehensive and having a reputation of producing high-calibre graduates within the City and wider quantitative finance community. Having now completed the course and moved into a quantitative role implementing mathematical models for pricing exotic options in Deloitte, I can categorically state the course is the perfect choice for any students with similar career aspirations. From week one with the Fundamental Tools revision course, the MSc prepares students for the rigors of this career path and ensure that graduates have a firm grasp and practical knowledge of advanced financial mathematics topics. On a daily basis in my role I use the topics thought in Numerical Methods & Programming, C++ for Quantitative Finance and Continuous Time Finance for Interest Rate Models. The modules provided in the course are taught by top academics in the field, teaching concepts used in the City which gives graduates an excellent footing starting in a quantitative career. The University provides world-class resources and the platform for any motivated, hard-working student to achieve their career goals!"


James Carey, MSc Financial Mathematics, 2014/15, Senior Consultant, Audit & Risk Advisory, Deloitte, London. July 2015.

"Why was undertaking the MSc in Financial Mathematics at Warwick one of the best decisions which I’ve made? Many students, myself included, are attracted to Warwick because of its outstanding reputation. Having undertaken the MSc in Financial Mathematics, I can say with certainty that the University undoubtedly lives up to its reputation and much more. The MSc in Financial Mathematics program is very well structured and provides a sound balance between its mathematical, financial and programming components; a balance which is further complimented by a strong support system offered by the University. I am currently employed as a Valuation Controller at UBS Investment Bank. Our team is responsible for the recalibration of models using independent market data, and re-pricing of trading books as a control check on the front office valuations. This requires a strong knowledge of the models used in derivatives pricing, both from a theoretical and practical standpoint, and the MSc in Financial Mathematics provides the perfect knowledge base for both aspects. From understanding derivative fundamentals, to the mathematical derivation, concepts and assumptions behind the models, to the programming aspect of practical implementation, the MSc equips one with a remarkable width and breadth of knowledge on which to build upon in practice, enabling technically well-informed interactions with traders, quants, IT developers, and the like. Undertaking the course has had a distinctly positive impact on my development, allowing me to stand out amongst my peers, and I remain grateful that I was given the opportunity to undertake this program."

Avinash Hathiramani, MSc Financial Mathematics, 2011/12, Valuation Controller, UBS, London. June 2015.

"One of the main reasons I applied to the MSc Financial Mathematics course at Warwick was that I felt it would give me the skills and experience required to pursue a front-office career in quantitative finance. This academic platform, coupled with the excellent reputation of Warwick Statistics, Maths and WBS in the City, was invaluable in helping me with my successful job search. I started working at Noble Group (Asia's largest commodities trading house) in London just as I was finishing my MSc dissertation. I was hired into their Strats group to work on pricing derivatives and structured deals in their Energy division. My role at Noble drew heavily on many elements from the programme at Warwick, particularly the C++ and Continuous Time Finance courses. After two years at Noble I am now about to start as an Associate in the Commodities Strats team within the Securities division at Goldman Sachs. I'm hugely grateful for everything the course at Warwick has given me as I certainly wouldn't be where I am now without it."


Ben McRoberts, MSc Financial Mathematics 2012/13, Associate in Commodities Strats - Goldman Sachs, London. May 2015.

"Coming from a computer science background and aspiring to become a quant, I was looking for a good formal training in financial mathematics. WBS with its excellent reputation in the industry combined with modules from the highly regarded Warwick Mathematics Institute and the Department of Statistics made this course a very attractive choice. Right from laying down the foundations to introducing some of the more advanced and industry relevant topics, the modules had a wide coverage and were very well taught. In my current role as a front office rates quant at Citigroup, many of these topics are directly applicable on a regular basis. The dissertation towards the end of the course provided me with an excellent opportunity to further improve my understanding in a specific area and apply it to more practical problems. I would highly recommend Warwick and this course in particular because I believe that for a relatively involved quantitative discipline such as Financial Mathematics it is important to get a good learning platform and this course provides one."


Subhankar Mitra, MSc Financial Mathematics, Quant, Citigroup, London. June 2015.

"I chose to study the MSc Financial Mathematics at Warwick because of its excellent reputation and the fact that it is a well-structured program. The course not only delivered both financial and quantitative knowledge, it also provided me with chances to develop a range of valuable skills. In addition, the dissertation project at the end of the course enabled me to practise the knowledge and skills I gained and inspired me to undertake a PhD. Undoubtedly, my MSc and PhD studies helped me land my current job. I am now working as an Associate in the Market risk modelling group at Goldman Sachs. The experience I gained from the MSc Financial Mathematics course gave me a strong foundation for both my PhD research and my current career. I feel very fortunate and remain grateful that I was able to undertake this MSc course."


Han Feng, MSc Financial Mathematics 2009/2010, Associate, Market Risk Modelling, Goldman Sachs, 2015- , PhD student in Statistics 2011-2014, University of Warwick. October 2015.

"Following my graduation from the MSc Financial Mathematics programme at Warwick, I worked as an Associate Equity Derivatives Trader at Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) for around four years. The team focused on structured products (vanilla and light exotics) flow trading on Asian single stocks and major global equity indices. It was an exciting role demanding a steep learning curve, and I greatly benefitted from the skills developed during my MSc study which were highly relevant to the job: solid understanding of different derivative products, deep quantitative sense for efficient risk management of the trading book in real-time and theoretical foundation to appreciate the modelling methodologies behind the scenes. The coursework from the MSc programme had provided all the necessary knowledge for me to engage in the duties enthusiastically on day one of my very first banking career. I have recently returned to the Department of Statistics at Warwick for doctoral study in Financial Mathematics, where my research area is stochastic modelling in behavioural finance and its implications for asset liquidation, gambling behaviour and contract design. Through the dissertation and a number of project work at my previous MSc study, I received adequate training on how to integrate abstract theories to tackle a structured problem and this allowed me to make a smooth transition into academic research. The course is well suited for students with diversified career aspirations. My MSc Financial Mathematics study at Warwick is truly a rewarding experience. The carefully designed course structure, the team of distinguished lecturers and the programme’s strong connection with the industry are all invaluable input to the development of my personal profile. The transferable skills acquired have enabled me to adapt to changing professional challenges." 


Alex Tse, MSc Financial Mathematics 2009/2010, Derivatives Trader ANZ 2010-2013, PhD student in Statistics 2013-, University of Warwick. May 2015.

"One of the biggest advantages of the MSc Financial Mathematics at Warwick is the variety of modules provided by Department of Statistics, Mathematics Institute and WBS. This gave me with an excellent overview of the subject from different perspectives and laid the foundations for continuing my studies at a PhD level."


Jaka Gogala, MSc Financial Mathematics 2011/12, PhD student in Statistics, 2012-2015, University of Warwick. June 2015.

Jia studied the MSc and continued on to a PhD in the finance group at WBS doing research on applications of optimal stopping to executive stock options. She returned to China following her PhD and is employed by China Credit Ratings in Beijing. 

Jia Sun, MSc Financial Mathematics 2006/7, Phd at WBS, University of Warwick 2007-2012, China Credit Ratings, Beijing

I had set my sights on becoming a quantitative analyst during my first year of university but was reluctant to dedicate three years to a PhD to get there. The MSc in Financial Mathematics run by Warwick was the best way to achieve the required level of education while specialising in the field I was interested in.

The degree was fantastic in building a fundamental basis for a Quant role. The programming language C++ taught as part of the course makes up a large portion of legacy quant systems and provides a solid basis to build programming skills on. The mathematics modules were rigorous in teaching skills that are applicable to a variety of financial instruments and models, encouraging students to apply their knowledge rather than repeating proofs. Financial products are studied on their own and in the context of maths and programming problems to enhance understanding. The reputation of the lecturers extends past academia and many of my colleagues were impressed when learning who my dissertation supervisor was.

During the course I received a job offer from a top investment bank for a role in their front office quant team. The breadth of experience covered in the course means I’m well positioned for my first big project of helping onboard new models onto the wider XVA system. The course was challenging but rewarding and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again to end up with the same career opportunities.

XVA Quantitative Analyst

Leigh Collier MSc Financial Mathematics, 2015/16, XVA Quantitative Analyst, Bank of America-Merrill Lynch

I wanted to undertake a top-level MSc in Financial Mathematics in order to facilitate a career transition into a quantitative role within the financial sector. Warwick has a world-class reputation on both the Business side and the Mathematics / Statistics side, so choosing this course at WBS was a no-brainer. I have learned so many new and specialised skills, taught in small class sizes by expert lecturers.

The WBS name goes a long way, I managed to secure myself a job at one of the world’s largest hedge funds just two months after my course had begun. I truly feel that this Masters equips me fully with the knowledge and skills I need to achieve my full potential in the quantitative finance industry.

I play in the University Symphony Orchestra, and I have participated in Warwick’s Opera and Musical Theatre productions. There is so much going on around campus; there is certainly something for everyone.

Ellie Davidson

MSc Financial Mathematics, 2016-17
Quantitative Analyst, Man AHL