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Dr Avery Ching


Office: Room B0.18, Ground Floor, Zeeman Building


Course teaching:

ST111 Probability (part A)

Research Interest:

differential/difference Equations via methods in algebraic geometry and D-modules.


A. Ching; "On the Tangent Spaces of Chow Groups of Certain Projective Hypersurfaces"; Proc. Amer. Math. Soc, vol 132 no. 2 (2004), p.325-331

Y. M. Chiang, C. Y. Tsang, A. Ching; "Symmetry of Darboux Equations"; Kumamoto Journal of Math, vol 31 (2018), p.15-28.

Y. M. Chiang, C. Y. Tsang, A. Ching; "Resolving singularities and monodromy reduction of Fuchsian connections"; Ann. Henri Poincaré 22 (2021), 3051-3094.

Archived articles:

K.H. Cheng, Y.M. Chiang, A. Ching; "D-module approach to Liouville's Theorem for difference operators"; arXiv:2109.06487