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Teaching Information for the academic year 2017-2018

Lecture notes, handouts, homework sheets and other information can be found on the corresponding webpages.

ST952: An Introduction to Statistical Practice

ST344: Professional Practice of Data Analysis (with Prof. David Firth, Dr Elke Thönnes)

ST338: Actuarial Models

ST104: Statistical Laboratory (with Dr Ric Crossman)

Past academic years

2015-2016: Lectures for An Introduction to Statistical Practice (ST952), Actuarial Models (ST338) and Statistical Laboratory 1 (ST104). Tutorials for Mathematical Techniques (ST116).

2013-2015: Lectures for Experimental Design, University of Bristol.

2013-2016: Tutorials for Probability, Statistics and Linear Algebra & Geometry, University of Bristol.

2011-2012: Revision classes for 'Probability IA', University of Cambridge.

2009-2013: Supervisions for 'Probability IA' and 'Statistics IB', University of Cambridge.