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  • Pacchiardi, L., Adewoyin, R., Dueben, P., Dutta, R., "Probabilistic Forecasting with Conditional Generative Networks via Scoring Rule Minimization", arXiv:2112.08217.
  • Pacchiardi, L., Dutta, R., “Generalized Bayesian Likelihood-Free Inference Using Scoring Rules Estimators", arXiv:2104.03889 [Code]
  • Pacchiardi, L., Dutta, R., “Score Matched Conditional Exponential Families for Likelihood-Free Inference”, arXiv:2012.10903 [Code|Talk]
  • Lo, S., Watson, P., Dueben, P., Dutta, R., “High-resolution Probabilistic Precipitation Prediction for use in Climate Simulations”, arXiv:2012.09821 [Code|Talk]
  • Cavallaro, M., Wang, Y., Hebenstreit, D., Dutta, R., "Bayesian inference of PolII dynamics over the exclusion process" , arXiv:2109.05100
  • Dutta, R., Zouaoui Boudjeltia, K., Kotsalos, C., Rousseau, A., Ribeiro de Sousa, D., Desmet, J., Van Meerhaeghe, A., Mira, A., Chopard, B., “Interpretable pathological test for Cardio-vascular disease: Approximate Bayesian computation with distance learning”, arXiv:2010.06465 [Code]
  • Kotsalos, C., Boudjeltia, K. Z., Dutta, R., Latt, J., Chopard, B., “Anomalous Platelet Transport & Fat-Tailed Distributions”, arXiv:2006.11755

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