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Cornwall teaching assistant project

This project ran from summer 2014 to summer 2018.

Due to changing legal requirements in terms of the recruitment, training, contracts, Health and Safety, and implications for student visas, the recruitment and support of University of Warwick students engaging with the project has become increasingly complex and costly to a point where unfortunately the Department is no longer in a position to be able to support the project.

Statistics student working with pupilsStatistics student working with pupils

Four weeks in Cornwall, all expenses paid

This is a great opportunity to work pupils from remote and deprived areas in a rural setting surrounded by beautiful landscapes. You will be able to develop your interpersonal and group management skills further while inspiring the future generation of mathematicians, statisticians, engineers, mathematicians, economists....

In summer 2014, three maths students worked in Liskeard School and Community College and local primary schools, at the end of the academic year. This was a pilot scheme to inspiring enthusiasm for mathematics in a relatively deprived area of the UK. The teachers were very enthusiastic. The Head Teacher, Mr Lingard wrote: 'From the school's point of view in terms of raising student aspiration, fostering curiosity and realising potential I can't say enough about how much we would like this sort of partnership to continue. The impact on our students, students within the primaries and on our staff has been incredibly positive.'

In summer 2015, another three students spent four weeks in Liskeard School and Community College and local primary schools, again very successfully. There was more work with primary school pupils, including working on a two week summer school for selected primary pupils. The head of Maths, Mrs Hubbart commented: `the week they had in St Martin's Primary had lasting impact on some of the students and we also got R to do some talks to our classes here about life in China.'

Extension work for the Further Maths sixth formers, which include online lectures from Dr Lissaman of Warwick Maths, also has very positive feedback: `The 6th form students at Liskeard enjoyed the lectures you put on for us. L was most helpful in working with our students after the lectures. He planned for each session and helped the students through the morning.'

The overall aims are to encourage interest in mathematics and statistics; to assist teachers as directed by those teachers and to provide additional motivation or support to pupils from widening participation backgrounds. Once again, students would contribute to part of the primary summer school, and spend time at a primary school working with all pupils, rather than only with the strongest or weakest students. There would also be time at Liskeard School and Community College, and some opportunities to contribute to the Further Maths programme.

Application form here

The deadline for applications is Friday 16 March 2018.

The four weeks will be Sunday 17 June 2018 to Saturday 14 July 2018. We expect that students might wish to return to Warwick once in this time, to attend a final event or collect their exam results. All travel and accommodation costs would be paid, and there would be a weekly subsistence allowance of about 100 pounds. Afternoons, evenings and weekends would be spent enjoying Cornwall! [* final exams end earlier than second year exams, but second years who are interested are also welcome to enquire.]

Job requirements:
- You need to have previous experience working with Primary school children
Students who have worked with Warwick in Schools, Warwick Volunteers, Warwick In Africa or the Warwick Laksh Project are encouraged to apply.

If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to meet sixth form pupils from Liskeard who will visit Warwick Tuesday 20 or Wednesday 21 March 2018.

Jane Hutton

Prof J L Hutton