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RSS Survey of Statisticians involved in forensic (legal) matters

This is a survey for Fellows of the Royal Statistical Society, regarding reports provided by statisticians to lawyers or for courts, whether civil or criminal, UK or elsewhere. These are referred to as expert witness reports. Forensic statistics refers to the use of statistics in relation to courts of law, or the application of statistics to the investigation of crime or misconduct.

The Statistics and Law Committee wish to know how many Fellows have, or would be willing to, provided expert witness reports. This will inform our work, and provision of training. All responses, even incomplete responses, are of interest and gratefully received.

You are a statistician, so you know there are many ways of identifying people. Please assess your own desired privacy level and probability of achieving it before submitting any data.

I will summarise responses made by 30 June 2020 for circulation to the Statistics and Law Committee. The form will be open until 20 July 2020. A summary will be prepared by the Statistics and Law Committee.

Here is the survey.

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