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PhD projects with W.S.Kendall

The following projects are examples of the kinds of research that I am interested in supervising: all falling in the areas of applied statistics and probability theory. Generally my research interests centre around topics which involve various mixtures of statistics, probability, computation, and a strong geometric flavour.

List of projects

  1. Dirichlet forms and Markov chain Monte Carlo
  2. Statistical methods applied to Anglo-Saxon archaeological data
  3. Statistics and quality control using Computerised Tomography in the context of Additive Layer Manufacturing (3D printing)
  4. Statistics and the Life and Death of Pixels (with Julia Brettschneider)
  5. Foundations of probabilistic coupling
  6. Probabilistic transportation networks
  7. Perfect simulation for compartment models
  8. Quad-trees, Multiresolution image analysis, and boundaries

Contact me if you want to discuss any of these further.