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Introduction to Imaging Genetics educational course

A full-day educational course at the Organization for Human Brain Mapping meeting, 18 June, 2014, Hamburg.


Jason Stein, UCLA; Thomas Nichols, University of Warwick; and Jean-Baptiste Poline, Neurospin


This course will introduce the fundamentals of “Imaging Genetics,” the process of modeling and understanding how genetic variation influences the structure and function of the human brain as measured through brain imaging. The course begins with two lectures on the fundamentals of genetics, including the types of variation observed in the human, the mechanism by which that variation develops, and understanding how to relate genetic variation to a measured phenotype. We will then delve more into applications of genetics to neuroimaging phenotypes with an overview of imaging phenotypes and an introduction to both uni and multi-variate statistics for their analysis. Finally, we will explore how to combine datasets using meta-analysis. In the afternoon, we will have practical lectures introducing how to use software for analysis of heritability of imaging traits, association of common and rare variants to imaging traits, and meta-analysis across many sites. In addition, we will have a lecture on how to interpret the significance of genetic findings. Overall this course will provide the neuroimager who is not familiar with genetics techniques both theoretical and practical understanding of the genetics field when exploring neuroimaging phenotypes.


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