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Medical Statistics


Medical Statistics


All relevant materials will be available in due course on this page.

Marks are not negotiable. I do not reply to questions in any form about marks.


There will be no lectures in the week of 27 Jan. The three lectures in that week will be made up in the following slots.

6-7pm, Monday 3 Feb, MS.04.

6-7pm, Monday 10 Feb, MS.04,

6-7pm, Monday 24 Feb, MS.04.

Office hour

Please book a slot by sending me an email.

Main references

1. Generalized Linear Models with Examples in R. Springer, 2018.

P. K. Dunn and G. K. Smyth

2. Survival Analysis. Wiley, 2011.

R. G. Miller, Jr.

3. The Statistical Analysis of Failure Time Data. Wiley, 2011.

J. D. Kalbfleisch and R. L Prentice


(Submit on Moodle. See below for the due dates.)

Project 1 (due date: Fri 14 Feb). Solution 1

Project 2 (due date: Fri 8 May). Solution 2

R demo

Data sets.

Linear regression examples.

Estimation and inference examples.

Diagnostics examples.

Binomial GLM examples.

Survival analysis examples.

Lecture notes

Mon 6 Jan, Tue 7 Jan, Wed 8 Jan.

Mon 13 Jan, Tue 14 Jan, Wed 15 Jan.

Mon 20 Jan, Tue 21 Jan, Wed 22 Jan.

Mon 3 Feb AM, Mon 3 Feb PM, Tue 4 Feb, Wed 5 Feb.

Mon 10 Feb AM, Mon 10 Feb PM, Tue 11 Feb, Wed 12 Feb.

Mon 17 Feb, Tue 18 Feb, Wed 19 Feb.

Mon 24 Feb AM, Mon 24 Feb PM, Tue 25 Feb, Wed 26 Feb.

Mon 2 Mar, Tue 3 Mar, Wed 4 Mar.



Newton's method.

Erratum 1.

Reading list from Prof. Jane Hutton.