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Dr Gautam Anand

Research Staff

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Contact Details

Affiliation: School of Engineering
E-mail: Gautam dot Anand at warwick dot ac dot uk
Office: D215
Phone: +44 (0) 24765 24399


Research Interests

I am interested in applying computational methods for elucidation of mechanisms concerning structure-property correlation in engineering materials. In the past, range of simulations schemes such as Density Functional Theory (DFT) based ab-initio method, classical atomistic simulations using Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo and mesoscale methods have been employed to study range of phenomena. I have been also interested in applying soft computation schemes in conjugation with traditional computational materials science methods for tackling challenging problems, which are impractical with traditional schemes.

At University of Warwick, I am working with Dr. James R. Kermode in collaboration with Professor Christoph Ortner of Mathematics Institute on the nature of interatomic forces in metals, which is funded by Leverhulme trust.

Recent Publications

G Anand, Alex P Wynn, Christopher M Handley, Colin L Freeman, Phase stability and distortion in high-entropy oxides, Acta Materialia, Volume 146, March 2018, Pages 119-125.

G Anand, R Goodall, Colin L Freeman, Role of configurational entropy in body-centred cubic or face-centred cubic phase formation in high entropy alloys, Scripta Materialia, Volume 124, November 2016, Pages 90-94.



The nature of interatomic forces in metals.