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Laser Safety Quiz

What percentage of laser related accidents involve damage to the eye?

  • Engineering Controls
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Administration Controls

  • Helium Neon laser, 633 nm, continuous wave
  • Carbon Dioxide, 10600 nm, continuous wave
  • Argon Fluoride, 193 nm, pulsed
  • Ti:Sapphire, 800 nm, pulsed
  • Krypton laser, 647 nm, continuous wave
  • DR; 625-800 nm OD4 DR; 10600 OD2 DI
  • 180-390 nm OD6 DR; 800-818 nm OD DIRM
  • 190-400 nm OD5 DIRM; 800-1100 OD4 DIRM
  • 190-400 nm OD6 DR; 645-700 nm OD4 DIR
  • 190-400 nm OD7 DIR; 9000-11000 OD3 DI

When is open beam work not appropriate?

  • working on a fully enclosed and interlocked system
  • When you are confident you know where the beam is and are trained and experienced
  • During laser maintenance
  • When someone else in the lab in working with open beams
  • During beam alignment

  • UVB
  • UVA
  • IRC
  • Visible
  • UVC
  • IRA
  • IRB
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