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People in Organisations (PIO)


This module is intended to provide a knowledge and understanding of the importance of strategic management of the people resource in organisations and how this relates to the wider organisational context and business strategy. It is based on the premise that people are the key and most important resource in the organisation and translate other resources into added value. It explores all elements of successful and effective people management practice. It is a generic module and therefore is applicable across a range of courses. Relevance is achieved through case studies, relevant examples and reading material.

Organisations achieve their objectives through people. The strategic and operational management of people is a crucial concern therefore for any organisation and its leaders and managers who are keen to succeed as more complex business models and organisation structures emerge.

Understanding how to gain the motivation and commitment of an organisations most important resource is crucial for modern leaders and managers as they shape and reshape organisations to meet business need. Technical and analytical expertise is no longer enough and this module reinforces the message that people management is a strategic issue.

At a practical level it equips students with knowledge and appreciation of a broad range of core concepts, theories and models as a toolkit of understanding and analysis to aid them in facing the challenge and complexity of leadership in modern rapidly changing organisations.

Module delivery is interactive and draws upon the participant’s organisational experience as much as possible.

Objectives: On completion, the participant will:

  • Recognise the value of strategic Human Resource Management to the organisation and how it relates to the wider business and employment environment
  • Explore and define the contribution of people to organisational success and creation of a High Performing Organisation (HPO)
  • Understand the strategic people management choices made in organisations and how these are translated into HR policy and practice
  • Define organisational and behavioural theories and recognise how they underpin and contribute to people management practice
  • Understand and recognise the importance of their own contribution and role as leaders

Main Content:

  • Strategic Human Resource Management and theoretical models
  • Organisational behavioural theory on: motivation, personality, teams and groups and organisational structure and culture.
  • Exploration of the wider organisational context (organisational strategic intent and competitive business strategies, changing forms of organisations and wider themes of corporate responsibility and ethics) as it relates to contemporary people management
  • The employment relationship, engagement and employer branding as key themes in the creation of a High Performing Organisation

Duration: 5 Days