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Business Transformation

The Business Transformation group focuses its research on the transformation of organisations enabled by new technologies. Unlike traditional discipline-oriented business research (i.e. strategy, OBHRM, marketing, operations etc.), our business research takes a holistic/systemic approach that is future-focused, prescriptive and industry oriented. Our projects and outputs are both theoretically cutting edge (in terms of publications and thought leadership) as well as impactful to industry.

Specifically, our research helps organisations adapt their products, services and operations to respond to the future connected digital economy, as well as supporting the transformation that results from these new economic opportunities.

Our trans-disciplinary teams consist of experts from a range of backgrounds who have experience across a range of business functions. We have engaged on multiple projects across many sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, construction, creative industries, digital media and pharmaceuticals. Expertise includes:

Current Projects include:

  • Home Hub-of-all-Things (HAT) as Platform for Multi-sided Market Powered by Internet of Things: funded by EPSRC, HAT will create a Market Platform for the home by collecting information from a select group of volunteers through the use of sensors on objects as well as existing connected devices in their homes. The project will deliver insights of unprecedented depth and breadth into how we live our lives in relation to the things and people around us. More information >>
  • Innovative End-to-end Management of Dynamic Manufacturing Networks (IMAGINE): IMAGINE addresses the need of modern manufacturing enterprises for a novel end-to-end management of dynamic manufacturing networks and will develop a multi-party collaboration platform for innovative, responsive manufacturing that encompasses globally distributed partners, suppliers and production facilities (SMEs and/or OEMs) that jointly conduct multi-party manufacturing. More information >>
  • New Economic Models in the Digital Economy Network (NEMODE): This is an initiative to bring together communities to explore new economic models in the Digital Economy. The primary objective is the development of a network of academics and practitioners for the purpose of co-creating knowledge of New Economic Models emerging from the Digital Economy. More information >>

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Business Support

All of our work is based on the need for practical applications for research and we work closely with companies to ensure we produce results that work in the real world. We work closely with companies through

  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
  • Collaborative R&D Projects
  • Research Facility Access
  • Education and Skills Provision

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Key Publications

Media and Press

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