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HARRIET: HAT Resource Integration and Enabling Tool

About the Project

This RCUK Digital Economy Theme-funded project entitled Smart Me versus Smart Things: The Development of a Personal Resource Planning (PRP) System through Human Interactions with Data Enabled by the IoT aims to create the next generation of 'Smart' homes with “smart” things working together in a “smart city”.

Working with project partner Birmingham City Council, the project will create the HARRIET (HAT Resource Integration and Enabling Tool), which will equip homes with technology and software to create a HAT (Hub-of-all-Things). This tool aims to help individuals to better understand their household behaviour and make “smarter” money saving and time saving decisions based on the data they then share on how they act as consumers within their homes.

The 18-month £485,000 project will work with volunteer households and individuals in Birmingham to collect, analyse and transform the “big data” about product and service consumption produced by modern households on a daily basis that will be stored in individuals’ personal HAT database.

Currently, there is very little understanding among researchers as well as industry about how consumers interact with the data they generate within their households. This research project will study these interactions between actual households and their self-generated data, and this information will be fed back to individuals and households through the HARRIET system to assist consumers in becoming ‘smart’ and enabled to make more informed, optimal and self-aware consumption and purchase decisions.

Research Team

Professor Irene Ng (Principal Investigator)
Dr Ganna Pogrebna (Co-Investigator)
Dr Xiao Ma (Co-Investigator)
Susan Wakenshaw (Research Fellow)
David Reynolds (Doctoral Researcher)

Project Partner

Birmingham City Council

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Research Councils UK
(Ref: EP/L023911/1)

Project Timeframe

Nov 2014-May 2016

Project Website

Project Poster

HARRIET poster