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WMG founder

Professor Lord Bhattacharyya defined WMG’s mission as combining academic excellence with industrial relevance. From that vision, Lord Bhattacharyya advocated for, and delivered, education and research partnerships between industry and universities.

Through delivering apprenticeships, improving skills through lifelong learning, and applying advanced research to real business concerns, WMG has had a major impact on British business.

That success meant that Lord Bhattacharyya’s advice on manufacturing and technology was sought by a succession of Prime Ministers and Presidents; as well as by leaders and business figures in Coventry, Warwickshire, and the West Midlands.

Lord Bhattacharyya was a strong advocate of an effective industrial strategy, seeking a revitalisation of skills policy, a growth in apprenticeships, a focus on the impact of research and training and technology partnerships between industry and universities.

Lord Bhattacharyya played a leading role in attracting inward investment to the UK. Most notably, he played a key role in persuading Tata to invest in British manufacturing.

Lord Bhattacharyya’s advice was in demand far beyond Britain, including business and government leaders in India, China, South Africa, Malaysia and Singapore.

In 2016 WMG was awarded a Regius Professorship and Lord Bhattacharyya became Regius Professor of Manufacturing (Engineering).

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