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Automotive Composites Research Centre

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Our internationally-leading applied research, combined with our approach to working in partnership with industry, makes the Automotive Composites Research Centre at WMG an ideal partner with which to develop new technologies, processes and skills.

Processing, testing, and simulation...

Composites Press

The ACRC can provide the expertise and equipment for processing, testing and simulation. The characterisation and behaviour of composite materials under processing conditions can be carried out to enable material formability prediction and the manufacture of defect-free parts.

The 1700 tonne Engel V-Duo press facility within the ACRC is ideally suited for thermoset composites prepreg compression moulding (PCM), sheet moulding compound (SMC) compression moulding and stamp forming of thermoplastic composites. In combination with the Hennecke Streamline 65 resin injection equipment, the facility can also be used to study high pressure resin transfer moulding (HP-RTM). Fibre preparation facilities include a computer numerically controlled (CNC) 2 dimensional cutting table and a robotic pick and place cell for ply assembly. An automated fibre preforming facility is currently being specified and installation is anticipated in 2016.

CLASS Project (Ford)Use of carbon fibre composite materials can deliver substantial weight reductions for components and structures whilst still maintaining high performance; this is a key strategic priority area for the automotive industry to meet challenging vehicle CO2 emissions targets. Combining high performance with low density, polymeric composites offer the ultimate lightweighting solution enabling:

  • Single-shot manufacture of complex shapes
  • Precise tailoring of performance to application
  • Reduced environmental impact across the entire product lifecycle