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Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence

Data is being collected in different formats, at unprecedented speeds, and from many different sources. There are increasingly complex challenges, with a need to leverage large amounts of heterogenous data to develop computational intelligence solutions for process optimisations, monitoring, and control applications. Our centre brings together several applied areas of activity where we have an established track record of excellence, supporting the ever-changing landscape of UK industrial needs. Professor Giovanni Montana and Professor Mehrdad Dianati spearhead the Centre, working closely with colleagues in Data Science, Intelligent Vehicles, Automation Systems, Cyber Security and the Institute of Digital Healthcare,

Our aim is to:

  • Develop new technologies for machine learning and large-scale data analysis in order to provide solutions to pressing problems across WMG excellence areas including Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Automation, Healthcare, and Cyber Security.
  • Bridge developments in Artificial Intelligence to real applications in collaboration with industry partners.
  • Train a new generation of scientists to address the skills shortage in these areas and increase competitiveness in the UK's high value manufacturing sectors, with the development of dedicated education programmes.

We are able to draw on a variety of machine learning and data science technologies which are facilitated by access to dedicated high-performance computing capability.