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plastics publications

Academic Publications

Journal Publications

  • A. Singh, N. Reynolds, E. M. Keating, A. E. Barnett, S. K. Barbour, D. J. Hughes, ‘Three-point flexural performance of tailor-braided thermoplastic composite beam structures’, Composite Structures (2020)
  • A. Singh, N. Reynolds, E. M. Keating, A. E. Barnett, S. K. Barbour, D. J. Hughes, ‘The effect of braid angle on the flexural performance of structural braided thermoplastic composite beams’, Composite Structures (2020)
  • N. O. Cabrera, B. Alcock, N. Reynolds, T. Peijs, ‘Self-Reinforced Polymer Composites based on Discontinuous Polypropylene Tapes’, Applied Composite Materials, Applied Composite Materials, 27 (2020), 767-793
  • N Reynolds, S Awang-Ngah, G Williams, D Hughes, ‘Direct Processing Of Structural Thermoplastic Composites Using Rapid Isothermal Stamp Forming’, Applied Composite Materials, 27 (2020), 107-115
  • A Singh, N Reynolds, C Carnegie, E Keating, A Barnett, S Barbour, D Hughes, ‘A novel route for volume manufacturing of hollow braided composite beam structures’, Advanced Manufacturing: Polymer & Composites Science (2019), 224-229
  • V Goodship, I Brzeski, BM Wood, R Cherrington, K Makenji, N Reynolds, GJ Gibbons, ‘Gas-assisted compression moulding of recycled GMT: effect of gas injection parameters’, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 2014, 515-523

Conference Publications

  • C Froemder, K Kirwan, N Reynolds, P Wilson, F Fernandes, S Coles, ‘Investigation of the Processability of Hybrid Thermoplastic Nonwoven including Recycled Carbon Fibre through Fast Stamping’, SAMPE Europe Conference 2018, September 2018, Southampton
  • L Gendre, G Williams, D Hughes, N Reynolds, ‘In-Plane Shear Characterisation of UD Tape based Thermoplastic Composite Laminates for Automotive Applications’, 20th International Conference on Composite Structures (ICCS20), September 2017, Paris
  • N Reynolds, N Raath, D Hughes, K Kendall, ‘The Development of an Augmented Stamp-Forming Process for High-Volume Production of Thermoplastic Composite Automotive Structures’, 16th annual SPE Automotive Composites Conference and Exhibition (SPE ACCE 2016), Detroit
  • O Tomlin, N Reynolds, ‘Validation of a Thermoplastic Composite Material Model for Low Carbon Vehicle Applications’, 9th European LS DYNA Conference, Manchester

Articles and Books

  • Ed: A Elmarakbi, ‘Advanced Composite Materials for Automotive Applications: Structural Integrity and Crashworthiness’, Wiley, 2013, ISBN:9781118423868

Chapter 2: N Reynolds, AB Ramamohan, ‘High-volume thermoplastic composite technology for automotive structures’, pages 29-50

  • Ed: Vannessa Goodship, ‘Management, recycling and reuse of waste composites’, Woodhead Publishing, 2009, ISBN 1 84569 462 7

Chapter 1, N Reynolds, M Pharaoh, ‘An introduction to composites recycling’, pages 3-19

Chapter 16, N Papadakis, C Ramirez, N Reynolds, ‘Designing composite wind turbine blades for disposal, recycling or reuse’, pages 443-457

  • Ed: Nick Tucker and Kevin Lindsey, ‘An introduction to automotive composites’, publisher RAPRA Technology, 2002, ISBN 1859572790.

Chapter 3, ‘Composite Ingredients’, pages 39-58

Chapter 7, ‘Manufacturing with Thermoplastic Composites’, pages 119-134