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Cheltenham Science Festival 2015

WMG and colleagues from the School of Engineering will be running drop in sessions, ideas cafe's, and activities for schools as part of the University's presence at the Cheltenham Science Festival from 2 - 6 June 2015.

Join us in the Warwick 'What If?' Marquee, located in Imperial Square Gardens, outside the Town Hall.

Tuesday 2nd June - Meet the Experts

From 3.30 to 7pm we will have a range of engineering activities to explore and the opportunity to meet some of our experts.

Meet our Experts:

  • 16.30 Dr Claire Dancer: Material Matters - explore what happens when materials are stressed
  • 17.00 Dr Greg Gibbons: 3D printing: Reality vs Hype - see 3D printing in action, and discuss it’s potential for the future…
  • 17.30 Dr Simon Leigh: 3D printing: Ethical issues. We can print it, but should we?
  • 18.00 Dr Emma Rushforth: Robots to the Rescue - Can you guide the rescue robot safely past all the hazards to rescue Robin?

Wednesday 3rd June - Sessions for Schools

    11:15 - 12:15 Engineering with Sand - KS2/KS3 (Engineering)

    You couldn’t live in a sand castle – but that doesn’t mean you can’t use sand to build something strong. With Mohaddeseh Mousavi Nehad, see how engineers can use weak materials to create solid foundations and buildings, and how sand could be more useful than you think.

    12:30 - 13:30 Harnessing the Power of the Sun - KS2/KS3 (WMG)

    From calculators to spacecraft, solar energy can provide power for some amazing things! But are flat solar panels still the best structure for capturing sunlight? What about something shaped like a tree instead? And what material should we use? Join Jamie Mackrill for a hands-on exploration of the power the sun can provide us with.

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    Saturday 6th June - Cyber Security & Engineering

    10:00 – 11:30 "Where Did Tomorrow Go? - The Fantastic And The Failed Futures Of Science Fiction"

    11:30 - 13:00 “Fear, Flesh and Frankenstein: The Frankenstein Complex And The Human Responses To Technology”
    13:00 - 15:00 "Engineering Structures, Art and Nature" with Professor Wanda Lewis. Buildings could be shaped by designs from the living world around us. What then?
    17:30 – 19.45 Film screening: Colossus: The Forbin Project (Cert. 12) “This is the voice of world control. I bring you peace.”

    Please note: a full programme of events from departments across the Faculty of Science is available here. .