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Warwick Engineering Conferences 2018-19

We are delighted to again offer free places for sixth form pupils in year 12 or 13, who are interested in engineering or science careers at our student run ‘Warwick Engineering Society Conferences’. Places are limited, if you are interested in reserving places for your sixth form students, or would like more information - please let us know via the form below.

Note: schools are free to leave at any convenient point during the event.

Booking now Ended - Journey to a Sustainable Future
7th November 2018, 2pm to 7.30pm, University of Warwick.
The conference will explore upcoming technologies that will enable us to live a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. The pursuit of global environmental sustainability is fast becoming a major issue in the world.

Evolution – The advancement of Technology (date amended)
Wednesday 23rd January 2019, 2pm to 7.30pm, University of Warwick.
The conference aims to address how technological advancements drive changes in human behaviour and our lifestyles.

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