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Mozilla Festival 2014

In October, the Warwick Technology Volunteers ran a workshop at Mozilla Festival 2014. MozFest is a hands-on festival dedicated to forging the future of an open online community. The festival is packed with passionate technologists and creators eager to share their skills, ideas, demos and hacks - bringing pragmatic approaches to solving real problems and creating new collaborations.

The Technology Volunteers delivered a 'Sensing our World' workshop to introduce volunteers, educators and students to the MIT Scratch programming language and demonstrating how sensors can be used to interface with the world. It was a great opportunity to spread the Volunteers' enthusiasm and ideas and promoting their work with young people in the local area.

The session proved incredibly popular and gave participants the opportunity to play with lots of different sensors and a Picoboard - a piece of hardware which allows Scratch projects to interact with the outside world. The session's popularity even led to it being featured as part of the BBC's blog piece about the Festival.

MozFest 2014 was a great success for the Technology Volunteers. Participants left with positive feedback - many of these were teachers and students who could take away their learning to directly replicate the workshop activities in their school using the free resources available online.

Mozfest 2014  Mozfest 2014 mozfest_3.jpg