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Outreach at WMG

WMG is working to encourage and support the female leaders of the future in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). We believe that enabling our staff and students to work with young people and children provides mutual benefit to both staff and students and the young people they are inspiring. Where possible, we also work alongside colleagues from across the University of Warwick's Science Faculty to show the full range of opportunities available to those with an interest in Sciences.

WMG engages in a range of regional and national activities aimed at inspiring young people to engage in STEM from an early age. Our staff and students have become involved in activities such as Imagineering, Computing at Schools, Royal Institution Masterclasses and The Big Bang Fair.

The WMG Academy for Young Engineers

The brand new Academy is one of a family of University Technical Colleges - schools for young people aged 14-18 which are led by businesses and a university. The WMG Academy will focus on a broad base of engineering, with specialist attention being given to the areas which are applicable to local employers in the automotive, aerospace and high-value manufacturing sectors. Students will have the opportunity to use WMG's facilities where they will work alongside our academics, undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as WMG's industrial partners. This has the potential to provide incredible mutual benefits for all those involved in inpsiring young engineers and for the students themselves.

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Technology Volunteers

Technology Volunteers are a group of students and staff from the University of Warwick including WMG - it is an offshoot of the successful Warwick Volunteers programme. Their aim is to encourage children to become creators rather than consumers of technology. They offer support to local schools by assisting with technology-based projects and activities during lessons and after-school clubs. Technology Volunteer projects have encouraged female teams to enter competitions to create computer programs and apps.

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