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Royal Institution Masterclasses 2018

Local schools were invited to nominate two year 9 pupils to attend the Saturday morning Royal Institution Engineering Masterclasses in WMG, at the University of Warwick in the spring term in 2018.

This Series aims to open the eyes of young people to the excitement, beauty and value of engineering, and in turn, inspire the next generation of scientists, mathematicians and engineers.

The Series was hosted by WMG, and delivered by staff and students from WMG and the School of Engineering. Each masterclass focused on an aspect of modern engineering and was presented by an engineer actively involved in research or working in industry.

Normally six sessions are delivered, however bad weather meant one session was cancelled. The sessions delivered in 2018 are listed below.

  • Software and Control: Margaret Low (WMG)
  • Will 3D printing turn you into a designer?: Simon Leigh (School of Engineering)
  • The Power of Process: Mairi Macintyre (WMG)
  • Crash Structures from Recycled Materials: Peter Wilson (WMG)
  • Autonomous Vehicles - a taste of things to come: Valentina Donzella (WMG)