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Tiles for Tales

The Tiles for Tales project explores links between the craft of story telling and technology. It shows how physical computing activities can be incorporated into collaborative activities, for example, used to support story telling activities by children.

set of tiles

A set of tiles are created, each tile represents a character or scene, and the tiles can then be used in similar way to story stones (or story dice) to narrate a tale, with each tile being programmed directly using ScratchX.

This project gives a creative context to simple control activities like blinking LED's. Individuals or small groups can develop a tile, and working together a class can create a set of tiles. Each tile can be activated via wifi by a computer sending it commands using the extensions built into ScratchX. The tile is a node on a wifi network using the TileNet software, and is powered by a USB powerbank. The TileNet software is built around the capabilities of the ESP8266, and the Adafruit Feather Huzzah, a low cost wifi enabled board.

My examples use pre wired led's with resistors and gel crimps to make it easy to build circuits from the start, but circuits could be created in a wide range of ways.

Its possible to use other ESP8266 chips, but some changes are needed to the software. For the present time our aim is to get it working on the Feather Huzzah, then look at support for other chips.

This project has been presented at Scratch MIT 2016 Conference on August 3rd - 6th, Cambridge, USA.

When finished it will be a set of outreach resources that can be used by a class, group or club. For more information please contact: m dot j dot low at warwick dot ac dot uk