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Using ScratchX Extension

Tiles For Tales Line

An extension is created in ScratchX for each tile. Follow the instructions below to load an extension to control a tile:

  1. Go to the ScratchX extension page:
  2. There is a problem passing arguments into ScratchX. We've created a simple extension 'loader' which 'gets round' the problem of passing arguments. This extension loader can be loaded by clicking on 'Open extension URL' and pasting the URL:
  3. This creates a ScratchX block to load further extensions, with arguments: Extension Loader
  4. Pull the 'Load extension block' into the scripts area and enter: (replacing the IP address with the IP address of your Feather Huzzah). This loads the extension with commands to control the pins on your Feather Huzzah. Load Extension Block
  5. Click on the 'Load extension' block to run it, this will load in the extension with commands that enable you to control the Feather Huzzah pins: control_extension.png
  6. Multiple Feather Huzzah extensions can be loaded via this method.
  7. 5 digital pins can be controlled via this extension. 3 (pins 12,13,14) as input / output, 2 as pwm (pins 4,5).

To help build your first tile see the section Create a Tile

The ScratchX extension uses 3 pins on the Feather Huzzah for digital input/output (12,13,and 14) and 2 pins for pwm (pins 4 and 5).

pinout diagram