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Supporting the WMG Academy for Young Engineers

Our Outreach team was delighted to lend a hand at the recent open days that took place at the WMG Academy for Young Engineers in Solihull (7th October), and Coventry (14th October).

The event was arranged to give perspective students and their parents an insight into how the Academies run, plus a chance to see some of the STEM activities that take place.

Digital RealitiesAt Coventry, Senior Teaching Fellow Freeha Azmat, and Jake Tinsley from our Digital Realities team showcased HTC Vives (Virtual reality) and Microsoft HoloLens (Mixed reality). The two kits offer completely different experiences. The Vive is aimed closer towards gaming and full immersive applications. The HoloLens is aimed towards visualisation and interactions with Holograms in real world space. The teenagers also had the chance to experience our interactive games and applications such as “The Lab” for the Vive.

At Solihull, Senior Teaching Fellow Zeina Rihawi and Project Manager Maretva Baricot-Mendoza, demonstrated two different programming applications using a robot. The children were shown how several different control sensors including joysticks, touch sensors, light sensors and a potentiometer work. The sensors were then connected to the board with different LEDs (red, green, yellow), some children also expressed an interest in the ‘code’ behind the experiment.

Glenn Miles, Senior Teaching Fellow, also introduced a flat-packed go kart, as a way for students to start evolving a design from scratch. Glenn showed Go kartpotential students and their families the kart and asked them what they would change about the design and why. Suggestions ranged from making bots out of metal or composites instead of the plywood, changing the drive from one-wheel to two wheel, and to making an app that would take data from sensors at the back of the car and provide a virtual instrument panel.

The Warwick Racing engineering student team, led by the Outreach and Events Manager Zayn Fojdar, also joined the line-up Warwick Racingtaking with them two-stroke engines, to provide a hands on experience with prospective students assembling and disassembling them to better understand the inner workings. The Warwick students also spoke about Warwick Racing, Formula One, and engineering in general. They were also able to give some first-hand valuable engineering career advice.