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Biomedical Engineering Series

As series editor for an exciting new series of books on biomedical engineering, I would like to invite interested individuals to consider writing a book on their field of expertise. The sections below give some information about the scope of the series as well as some suggested fields we would like to cover within the biomedical engineering field. There is a preliminary enquiry form that can be filled-in and sent off if you are interested and want more information.

If you are interested or are entertaining the idea of writing a book on one of these subjects (or a related subject) do get in contact with me.

Aims & Scope of the Series

The interdisciplinary field of biomedical engineering consists mainly of engineers, scientists and healthcare professionals. Published texts in the field tend to be outdated or pushed at the generic or abstract level, both with current technologies but most especially when dealing with emerging technologies in biomedical engineering. This means that there is a demand for a spectrum of biomedical engineering books that covers specific aspects of biomedical engineering that are accessible to biomedical, electrical and electronic engineers, as well as those working in the healthcare profession.

The focus of this series is such as to tackle both the technologies underpinning specific applications in biomedicine as well as to produce domain specific texts. Whilst covering theoretical aspects of the field, the series will have a strong focus on practical implementation; the inclusion of example data and code, for example, is encouraged.

List of potential subjects

A list of suggested start-up topics is presented below although proposals would be accepted on other relevant biomedical engineering topics as well:

  1. Networks and networking
  2. Wearable computing; the grid; etc.
  3. Biomedical devices, Sensors and Bioinstrumentation
  4. Sensing and Bioelectromagnetics
  5. Neural Engineering
  6. Computational Intelligence in Biomedicine
  7. Medical Informatics
  8. Biomaterials and/or Biotechnology for Engineers
  9. Clinical Engineering
  10. Biomedical Signal Processing and Medical Imaging
  11. Neural networks, Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Logic in Biomedical Engineering; (Individually or under the umbrella topic: Computational Intelligence; see item 6)
  12. Modeling and Mapping
  13. Sensory Systems
  14. Biological Systems
  15. Biomaterials and Biomechanics for Engineers
  16. Brain and Cardiovascular Research
  17. Biological Control Systems
  18. Virtual Reality, Robotics, Multi-Media
  19. MRI, PET, Ultrasound
  20. Vision Research, Computer Vision
  21. 3-D Multi-Modeling Image Processing
  22. Biotechnology and Manufacturing
  23. DNA Mapping and Sequencing
  24. Rehabilitation Engineering

The Series Editor

The Series Editor is Professor Christopher J. James, a biomedical engineer who has consistently worked to promote the biomedical engineering profession both in the UK and Internationally. He is IEEE UK and Republic of Ireland Chapter Chair for the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society and has been elected onto the Administrative Committee of the IEEE EMBS Society for 2004-2006. He is also on the Executive Committee of the IEE Healthcare Technologies Professional Network. As an academic he is pursuing a promising career in biomedical research and teaching. His research focuses on the development of intelligent signal processing techniques, for biomedical signals in general and electromagnetic brain signals in particular. He is also involved in the creation of a spin-off company to develop and promote his biomedical research.

Contact Details

Please send any queries to Professor Christopher James (

Artech House Books can be contacted as follows:

For Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa:

Tiina Ruonamaa, Commissioning Editor

For North and South America and Australia:

Wayne Yuhasz, Executive Acquisitions Editor


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