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Dr Jay Bal

After "A" levels at school in Warwick (the town) and a degree in electronics and management, he joined GEC Telecommunications as a electronic circuit techniques designer, working on large telephone exchanges. Everytime the phone rings, he is reminded of his work on Ringing and Metering circuits (should the designer get a copyright fee everytime the phone rings, how is that different from the Crazy Frog ringtone fees?). He was then sponsored by GEC onto the EITB Fellowship in Manufacturing Management ( at Cranfield University ). After completing this high level Manufacturing MBA, he worked as Test Manager, Quality Manager and Production Manager at GEC Private Systems. He then left to complete export versions of telephone ringing and metering circuits before completing a masters degree at UMIST on integrated IC systems design. Joining Plessey Research, he then worked on integrated Circuit CAD systems, before being recruited by the Rover Advanced Technology Centre to work at applying advanced technologies into cars. Expert Systems, IT projects, IT Strategy, fault diagnosis and CAD were some of the project areas he worked on.

A desire to see the world and to ponder on deeper issues led to a year spent travelling the world. On return he joined WMG and completed his PhD on Knowledge Based Systems as well as spending time delivering couses on Electronics, IT and Business all over the World. His current research interest are virtual business ecosystems, virtual organisation breeding environments, creating value through the internet, electronic markets and improving the success rate of IT projects. In 2001 he assisted the government of Tuvalu, an island in the Pacific, in leasing out the domain name ".tv", a concept that received the Sunday Times Internet Innovation Of the Year award.

Dr Jay Bal is exploiting the internet to maximise business opportunities for thousands of companies in the West Midlands. Dr Bal, an associate professor, is director of WMG’s Interlean EBusiness centre, where an eight-strong team operates the flourishing West Midlands Collaborative Commerce Marketplace. The online e-commerce scheme is a meeting point for organisations who are putting contracts out to tender and businesses able to do the work. There are over 7000 registered business members (and a waiting list of another 500), over 50,000 tenders per year flow through the system, 11000+ users and over 1000 vistors per day to the site. The system provides a feed of OJEC, local council, EU FP7 and other tender opportunities as well as the first Olympic tenders opportunity and capability site in the UK. The system functionality is used by a range of organisations such as the IMRC, PARD, ICT cluster, Medilink, XGEN and Leicershire Build. Currently the on-line catalogue and shop capability for the portal is being redesigned. This will allow us to move businesses from zero to full e-business capability in days, drastically altering the current models for e-adoption. The National B2B centre is using this approach to help its clients.

Publications : He has had Eight co-authored reviewed international conference papers accepted in the past year and three journal papers published, one accepted for publishing.

· E-Business Issues for Engineering Regions and their SMEs

· Collaborative Networks through Competence Profiling.

· A value based approach to Collaborative Commerce Marketplaces. (with Monash University, Australia)

· Stakeholder’s values in Collaborative Commerce Marketplaces (with Monash)

· e-adoption via a marketplace to help drive profitability.

· Expertise profiling: Finding sources of advice for manufacturing SMEs

· The formation of Virtual Organisations to address complex tenders through a Collaborative Commerce Marketplace.

· SME demand driven virtual networks to address complex tenders using a collaborative commerce e-marketplace approach

· A.H. Anderson, R. McEwan, J. Bal, J. Carletta ” Virtual team meetings: An analysis of communication and context”

Computers in Human Behavior 23 (2007) 2558–2580

· A. Al Khouri and Jay Bal “Electronic Government in the GCC Countries” International Journal of Social Sciences volume 1 number 2 2007 issn 13

· Al Khouri and Jay Bal “Digital Identities and the Promise of the Technology Trio: PKI, Smart Cards, and Biometrics” Journal of Computer Science

His EngD Research Student, Ali Al-Khouri, was a winner at last year's Fifth ID WORLD International Congress People Awards for work we conducted - the Oscars of the auto ID industry. At the ceremony, awards were presented in recognition of the contribution made by thought leaders, innovators and pioneering adopters who distinguished themselves by their achievements during the past 12 months. ID Outstanding Achievement Award: Ali Al-Khouri, Deputy Director General of the Emirates Identity Authority, for playing a pivotal role in the establishment of a G2C eGovernment national ID program in the UAE that has helped improve public services in the country. Mr Al Khouri was also awarded an “Technology Leader for the Middle East” award by ID World for related work.

  • One doctorate student successfully completed in 2006 ( on-line company competence assessment)

One PhD successfully completed in 2007 (predicting business failure using information measures),

Two PhD successfully completed in 2008 E-Learning in Engineering and Improving the successs rate of Public Sector IT projects

Module tutor for MSc module “Business Information Systems Design” and ‘Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems ‘. Lecturer on MSc courses ‘Collaborative Product development’, ‘Procurement and Inventory Management ’ and Supply Chain Integration (for DMM students)

He is building on years of experience in e-communications. A previous project at Warwick, in collaboration with Glasgow University’s Department of Psychology, focused on Virtual Teamwork in the Automotive Supply Chain. He estimated that by meeting in cyberspace rather than face-to-face, organisations could halve the time needed to complete a project. The result was the founding of the Virtual Teaming Association, a forum which now deals with enquiries from across the UK and abroad.





Dr Jay Bal  E-Business Consultant

Dr Jay Bal


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Interview with Jay conducted by emarketservices

November 2007


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