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Ramnik Bhardwa

Ramnik is employed as a Senior Teaching Fellow at WMG. He has a first degree with honours in Computers and Control Systems, and a Masters in Engineering (Warwick).

Ramnik is the WMG Alumni and Placements Manager

He currently holds two Module Tutorships for Technology Management and Total Productive Maintenance. Module Tutorship involves the direct responsibility for the design, development, delivery and the assessment of the module in the subject areas.

As well as teaching in the UK, on numerous occasions he is actively involved in teaching in India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Russia, and South Africa to management from industry.

Ramnik has held the responsibility for the full-time MSc Programmes as the Projects Manager, as the Modules/Courses Review Coordinator, as an active member of the full-time Postgraduate Committee and as a member of the Exam Board.