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Professor Sadie Creese

Professor Sadie Creese joined WMG from QinetiQ to build a new e-Security group. This major new collaborative venture will focus on the development of world leading e-security research, education and knowledge transfer activities within the new Digital Lab.


The new lab will provide the team with the opportunity to leverage the significant intellectual capital already existing within WMG and the wider University in order to innovate new solutions for delivering e-Security in a global society increasingly dependent upon digital technologies. Whilst the core security expertise will reside within WDL, the virtual team will eventually include members from across the university including others in WMG, the Warwick Medical School, Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Psychology and beyond. Extension into industry will be formed through close partnerships in industrial research and doctoral training. The vision for the e-Security group is to focus on a holistic approach to solutions, considering technology, enterprise and human factors.


Prof Sadie Creese

Professor Sadie Creese

Director of e-Security

Encore: ensuring consent and revocation