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The Acceleration Programme

We have a list of technology capabilities, equivalent to £100m worth of capabilities which can be dedicated to projects.

Analysis and positioning

Push the boundaries of what’s possible for your business by exploring innovation opportunities within every dimension of your business model

Business Model and Growth-Hacking Workshops

Have the tools and skills to apply growth-hacking to build and capitalise upon your product-market fit

Technology Development

Leverage WMG's wide range of capabilities to co-develop technological solutions for market readiness

New Product Development

Help you implement the roadmap, tools and processes needed for rapid MVP development and testing

Exit Matchmaking

Links to VC and PE network, align services to the demand of large businesses and have your growth strategy in place

What you could get as part of the Accelerator programme

A test-bed for new product development, a suite of tech products,
a demonstation space for your success at a high profile hub of innovators and business leaders and more...

Unified CX Platform

Engage with customers across multiple channels at each stage of the lifecycle in real-time

Processing Power

Access to $10,000+ worth of AWS,IBM credits and High End Local and Remote Servers,PCs,iPads and more

AI capabilities

AWS DeepLens, AWS, IBM services, Matlab and Simulink and more software and hardware capabilities

Smart Manufacturing

Benefit from access to the latest technologies and develop your smart factory and manufacturing processes

Access to workshop

Access to the latest manufacturing equipment, fully maintained and calibrated with full technician support

Additive Manufacturing

Access to 3D printers and integrated CAD, CAM, and CAE software

Software applications and codebases

Access to existing web and native applications and their codebases


An AI assistant that learns from every interaction and improve your customer service.

Smart Payment Solution Integration

Manage orders, customers, inventory and more.Integrate with existing business systems.


Enhance any security camera with 99% accurate ALPR and create exciting new vehicle recognition capabilities

Networking Events

WMG Accelerator cohort businesses benefit from access to our events

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