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"Protean have been collaborating with WMG since the beginning of COVID lockdown to explore new funding opportunity to develop an revolutionary propulsion technology. WMG brought innovative business idea, tools and industrial partners to the table, which are invaluable to our long term future." - Tom Zhang - Commercial Director

“Our app based service is mainly aimed at companies based on Industrial Estates. Gaps in their business systems lead to paper based processes and/or reliance on phone and email for interactions with customers and suppliers - suppressing productivity and quality. Required investment is kept very low by having a customised solution deployed within hours of confirming requirements. Uniquely we connect teams/companies for operational data without integrating systems. A slice of 4th Industrial Revolution for any sized business.” - Derek Silby, Founder - Vos Voco

Our team of highly skilled engineers and technical experts are working to reduce global emissions by creating the best electric marine engines in the world.We aim to cut millions of Kg of Co2 and millions of litres of fuel waste.

"Ai-Idea Factory’s is an api first company with vision to enable industry through Ai powered Recommendation Engines & Expert Systems to address industry challenge statements." - Nishant Raj - Co-Founder, Director

"Together with our project partner Top Oriental, we consider the main industry challenge is the lack of manufacturing of niche oriental food. Given the rising consumer demand, We see this as a great opportunity to reshore manufacturing capability within the UK, and create new jobs to integrate and scale up the capability to meet demand domestically and in foreign markets. Top Oriental revealed that due to the sharp rise of demand but lack of such supply, the vast majority of oriental protein based food are illegally smuggled into the EU and UK markets from Asia. This illegal trade restricts the emergence of a diverse UK supply base."

WMG Incubator guided us through sprints which allowed us to develop our product versions 5 times faster. As a result, our customer feedback cycle and lead conversion time were reduced dramatically. - V.Anuefriev(COO and Co-Founder - SOTA Football)

"WMG Accelerator Team has always been there to provide ideas from different perspectives, from strategic business positioning to marketing, technology and beyond. The relationship has been beyond professional engagement and everyone works together for a common purpose which is accelerating business growth." - Priyansh(Founder - Duftar)

"The incubation program runs the business through a proactive process of sprinting from a hunch/idea to validation and go to market; backed by expert guidance to help develop organisational competencies of critical & design thinking, innovation and a problem solving approach. Allowing the business to identify its strengths and minimise on the weaknesses."- Co-founder - Ganesh Malani

The WMG incubation programme has been a very interesting and valuable experience so far. I am learning a lot of new skills outside of my qualification, this has really made me think from a user perspective. The support so far from Dal and the WMG staff has been incredible! Well done! - Rishi Haraniya, Director - Cyclopic Ltd

Hotel Manager is a no code platform that allows hotels to create their own branded guest apps to enhance guest experience, optimise costs, and generate revenue. - Agni Ilango, Co-Founder and CTO - Hotel Manager is an innovative, comprehensive Directory of International Test Facilities including Laboratories at highly rated universities, all supported with a FREE Tender Submission Service. - Jag Jethwa, Founder - TestHouses

At Posseder, we are developing a revolutionary portable health monitoring solution designed to provide our clients with a personal, holistic, and intelligible insight into their health anytime, anywhere. We are here to provide a comprehensive tool for health advocates, equipped with top-notch sensors, AI algorithms and predictive health analytics. Posseder's solution offers insight into a wide range of vital signs, breathing patterns and advanced biomechanical data to empower people to take timely preventive action against related diseases and stay healthy for life. - Alberta Sabeva, Director of Operations and Technology

Hy-Met is an innovative new technology start-up established in January 2021, developing instrumentation to help tackle complex energy measurement challenges of the future. Our vision is to support the future energy sector to bring clean, sustainable, and affordable energy to all. We aim to achieve this by creating breakthrough new products, combining both state-of-the-art hardware (sensors/electronics) and software technology advancements.

Getting you there quick and easy, Docky is an e-mobility company looking to disrupt and bring leading innovation into a market yet to be disrupted. We aim to solve the last mile issue when it comes to personal transport. We aim to be at the forefront of last mile transportation combining Smart design with AI, computer vision and machine learning Technologies.

Cohere is a web-based simulation platform for electric motors, to enable design engineers to unlock the necessary innovation in electric motor design.

It was on Copacabana beach, with nothing but the sunset and a cold beer for company, that James Wormington realised experiences like this are even better when shared. ‘What if there was an app that enabled backpackers to find groups of like-minded adventurers?’ he thought, and Travamigos, the Group Travel app was born. Since then, what began as a sandy-toed, light-bulb moment in the summer of 2015 has become the go-to platform for backpackers everywhere. We encourage you to be adventurous, to look out for each other, and ensure you always make time for a cold beer together, wherever you are in the world.

"The WMG Accelerator program has been the catalyst we were looking for to expand our proposition and but stay true to our Strategy, the team has been a breath of fresh in helping us identify new ways of engaging with supply chain and dynamic in response, ( I mean replying to emails at midnight, what more can I say!). Its early days but so far the accelerator team have excelled!" Raj Maher(CEO-OkDok)

OneZero-me uses the power of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to safely and securely add a key missing factor: your unique, personal digital data. In doing so, we aim to bring greater financial opportunity and inclusion to people who can't currently access key services, as well as enabling more balanced and refined pricing for all.